Basic Residential Carpentry Program

About the Program

Alabama Home Builders Foundation along with the AWTC/AIDT is sponsoring an eight-week Basic Residential Carpentry course for adult learners.  Enrollment is limited to people who plan on obtaining employement in residential construction. 

The course will be offered starting Monday, March 11th thru Wednesday, May 1st. 
The class will meet Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6:00pm – 8:30pm. 

3500 6th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 35222

Length of Course Course Material
Week 1
Importance of Safety; Basic Construction Tools; How to Read a Tape Measure
Week 2
Basic Construction Site Layout; Reading Blueprints
Week 3
Floor Framing, Wall Framing
Week 4
Roof & Ceiling Framing (Cutting rafters)
Week 5
Window/Door Installation; Siding & Exterior Trim
Week 6
Interior Trim & Finishes
Week 7
Stair Framing
Week 8
Wrap Up; Graduation Celebration

Each class meeting will provide time for classroom instruction and hands-on time in the shop. 

Expected Outcome: Students completing the course will receiving instruction on basic construction that will be beneficial on a residential construction jobsite.  A Certificate of Completion from the Alabama Home Builders Foundation will be given to all who complete the course.

Classes will be held at AWTC,
3500 6th Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35222

There is a limit of 20 students per class.  It is important to get your registration materials completed and submitted as quickly as possible.  Please fill out the registration form and someone will reach out to you 1 week before class begins, if chosen.

For more info, please contact

Phone: 1-800-745-4222