Facility Use

The Alabama Workforce Training Center is proud to offer the use of our facility to the community for educational, business, and industrial activities only, for no charge. Individuals who request to use our facility must adhere to the AWTC Policy for Facility Use. rooms are equipped with:
  • White Board
  • Projector
  • Computer connections
  • Wi-fi ready

AWTC Faciity Use Policy permits groups to use the AWTC facilities only for educational, business, and industrial activities.  Therefore, individual users and uses of a private and personal nature are NOT permitted.  Accordingly, by way of example and not limitation, AWTC facilities will not be permitted for events such as family reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, or graduation parties, bridal or baby showers, wedding or wedding receptions, retirement receptions, or garage sales. 

  1. Support Economic Development/Workforce Development Activities
  2. Support the training programs and mission of the AWTC.
  3. Advance the interests of the AWTC.
  4. Benefit trainee/students at the AWTC. 
  5. Promote the general visibility of the AWTC, bringing favorable notice or publicity. 
  6. Promote the relationship of the AWTC with existing and potential vendors, customers, industries, businesses, and trainees.
  7. Provide opportunity for community outreach.
  8. Represent an opportunity for business and industrial enhancement.
  1. Applicant/Organization is responsible for the safety and conduct of it’s participants and spectators.
  2. The applicant must provide satisfactory and adequate adult supervision.
  3. All events will be required to meet the occupancy load and fire and safety regulations of Jefferson County and the State of Alabama.
  4. Use of alcohol, tobacco, and/or drugs is prohibited on AWTC grounds and are defined by law.
  5. Firearms or other dangerous weapons are prohibited on AWTC grounds and are defined by law.
  6. Games of chance, lotteries, and giving of door prizes are not allowed except where permitted by law and then only with proper clearance.
  7. Access to facilities and services, except as otherwise addressed in these rules shall be limited to the specified location on the appilcation.
  8. Alternations to the facility are prohibited without prior approval. This may include such things as hanging signs, using tape on walls, thumbtacks, moving furniture, etc. Note: The auditorium and executive conference room must be used as they are. No additional furniture is to be moved into these areas and no existing furniture can be rearranged without prior approval by the AWTC facility administrator. 
  9. State-owned equipment shall not be removed from the facility or loaned to any individual or organization unless prior approval by the state has been granted.  Groups or individuals cannot use state-owned expendable supplies.
  10. Applicants are responsible for special set-up requirements and clean up of the spaces that are used.  Users shall be responsible for returning the facility to its original condition immediately following the event.  
  11. Applicants are responsible for making arrangements to haul away any trash that your attendees create during your event upon departure from the AWTC. 
  12. Applicants should contact Barber Companies to reserve the parking lot behind the AWTC, as our facility is equipped with limited parking.(Applicable to events with 100+ attendees)The Barber Companies, Inc. (205) 995-9119
  13. Applicants should make arrangements to have security if your company/ organization has been granted permission to host an event outside of normal business hours. Please plan to employ one security guard per 50 attendees. Normal business hours are Monday- Thursday 7am- 4:30pm, Friday 7am-1pm. Preferred Service: Sanguard Security Services, LLC.  (205) 250-8008
  14. All guests (including lunch deliveries) are required to enter and exit the building at the front entrance (entrance directly across from Sneaky Pete’s restaurant).
  15. The applicant/organization shall not practice discrimination of any kind. 
  16. Cancellations by applicants require at least a two week notice.  Failure to notify AWTC of a cancellation may result in a loss of usage of the facility for six (6) months.
  17. The AWTC reserves the right to refuse or revoke any authorization issued for the use of facility or grounds.

AIDT/AWTC Facility Use Policy

All requesters must adhere to the AIDT Facility Use Policy. Please read this policy prior to requesting our facilities.

Available Rooms

Large Conference Room

Large Auditorium

The Large Auditorium accommodates 300 people. It is located on the west side of the building. It has it's own men and women's restroom and an audio/visual booth for accessing sound and video equipment.

Big Conference Room at AWTC

Big Conference Room

The Big Conference Room accommodates 30-50 people. It is equipped with a white board, projector, and computer connections.

Executive Conference Room

Executive Conference Room

The Executive Conference Room accommodates 20 people. It is equipped with a white board, projector, and computer connections.

AWTC Computer Lab

Computer Lab

Computer Lab - 20 available computer stations. Each computer is Windows 7 and Mac OS X based. Additional approval is required for any installation of software.

AWTC Classroom 1

Classroom 1

Classroom 1 accommodates 20 people. The classroom is equipped with long tables that seats 4 to one side. This room also has a whiteboard, projector, and computer connections.

AWTC Classroom 1

Classroom 2

Classroom 2 accommodates 20 people. The classroom is equipped with long tables that seats 4 to one side. This room also has a whiteboard, projector, and computer connections.